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Customer Testimonials


" We appreciated all of EMRS efforts and energy they put in to cater our every needs. Rick and his team are professionals. Their customer service is impeccable. They have their own tools and ready for any situations. We love their on-site support and their quick-turn abilitites.  When you are in a jam and needed emergency support they never fail.  They will be there and assist you and get it done right and make sure every thing done correctly." Brian Denis - Engineering Manager - Ultra Clean Technology.

" What can I tell you.  Rick and his people at EMRS are extremely helpful.  They are there when you needed them most. They are professional and acknowledgeable of the equipments. Their service is impeccable and their pricing is competitive and reasonable. I especially like their after-hour service and quickturn. They are my go to guys." Steve Nguyen - Program Manager -   Kinetic Fluid Systems.

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